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  • For Ukrainians, one of the most meaningful and important aspect of their life is their faith. The original settlers to Warm Mineral Springs and North Port were Ukrainian Catholics or Ukrainian Orthodox who were used to traditional Ukrainian church services celebrated in the eastern rite and in their native Ukrainian language. In 1975 they established an ecumenical church based on the principles of Christian brotherhood, constructed a building with a chapel, large hall, kitchen and housing for visiting priests and named it the “St. Andrew’s Ukrainian Religious and Cultural Center”, for short “Oseredok”. In the early years, since the community was very small, masses were conducted, interchangeably by catholic and orthodox priests on alternating Sundays. Today the Ukrainian Orthodox members of our community continue to worship at St. Andrews, while the Oseredok serves the Ukrainian community in many ways.

For Ukrainians of the Orthodox denomination services are held at the chapel adjacent to the Oseredok at 4100 S. Biscayne Drive, North Port, FL. Please call Rev. Oleh Saciuk; (941 )235-8183,

Cell: (310) 947-2644 , for further information and schedules.

As more retirees settled in the area, and as the community grew, many of the newcomers of the Ukrainian Catholic faith decided to establish a regular parish. A couple of miles up the road from the Oseredok, on Biscayne Drive, they found a suitable lot, raised funds, and eventually built a wonderful church, which in 1993 was blessed as the Presentation of the Most Holy Mother of God Ukrainian Catholic Church. It became known as St. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Church, the church with the golden domes.

The Ukrainian Catholic Center adjacent to the church offers programs of cultural and religious presentations and discussions. There are classes for young parishioners in religion and Ukrainian language and culture. On most Fridays the Center offers Ukrainian dinners of traditional cuisine including varenyky, holubtsi and borshch.

In August 2015 Rev. Vasyl Petriv, a native of Ukraine and recently from Parma ,Ohio, was appointed the new pastor. He is joined by his wife Luba Petriv, while their five grown children are already in their own professions or schools.

For further information about the St. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Church located at 1078 N. Biscayne Drive, North Port, FL please go to www.uccnp.com, or call the Rectory at 941-426-7931. Daily liturgies are held at 9 am, and festive liturgies with a wonderful choir are celebrated on Sundays at 10 am. Liturgies in English are held on Saturdays at 4 pm.

In recent decades the Ukrainian community was also enriched by the arrival of members of various Protestant faiths.

Here is the new information for the Protestant church in our neighborhood:

Ukrainian Bible Church in North Port, Florida

Mike Kruzhinzky - 941-993-9790

Bohdan Melnik - 941-232-1391

The church is located at 3840 Biscayne Dr., North Port, Florida 34287.